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Fraud and sting investigations

The many means of technology at our disposal, which are constantly becoming more common and much cheaper for the average person, make the work of the scammers and fraudsters easier. These means are used by many crooks who are looking for their next "combina", using a lover of innocent citizens who trust them. In certain situations, a private investigator specializing in uncovering scams and scams can provide a great service, prevent financial losses, and save a lot of heartache.

Common scams

Private investigators conducting fraud and sting investigations come across all kinds of scams that can be hair-raising for normal people. Below are some of the more common scams today.


One of the most common frauds of all, is impersonating another person in order to receive one benefit or another. The private forgers are constantly obtaining better and better quality equipment, which allows them to forge documents such as various high quality identification cards or title deeds. It is true that these certificates will often not hold up to a thorough examination, but many times they may be enough to lend credibility to fraudsters when making various types of transactions, and by the time the exercise is exposed, the fraudsters disappear with the money.


Impersonation can also be done without presenting fake documents, of course: every time a person identifies himself with another name with the intention of deceiving, he is actually committing impersonation, which can also reach the criminal level. Impersonation can also mean pretending to be a professional, such as pretending to be a doctor or a lawyer. For the purpose of this impersonation, relevant documents are sometimes forged, and sometimes the victim is simply made dizzy with trickery and lies.

embezzlement or theft

Many times there is a person who is in a unique position to commit crimes of a certain nature. For example, employees who steal from their employer, or embezzle business money in one way or another. Detecting frauds like these may be particularly complex, since the perpetrators of these types of acts will often go to great lengths to disguise their actions in a sophisticated manner. However, through experience and advanced technological equipment, it is possible to catch the perpetrator in action, and obtain good evidence of the acts being committed, which can be used by us in legal proceedings against the perpetrator and the opening of criminal proceedings.

Creditor fraud and asset smuggling

It is very common in situations where a person falls into financial debt, because when he recognizes that his inevitable fate is bankruptcy, he tries to smuggle assets in order to prevent their confiscation during receivership. Likewise, the behavior of different types of creditor fraud is also widespread, with the evasion of income and the disguise of economic activity. In most cases where a person is bankrupt or in financial distress, it is worth bringing out a private investigator to collect information about the debtor, and to see if he is really acting in good faith in the process, or if he is presenting a false representation to his creditors. 

Why do you need a private investigator to detect scams and stings?

Allegedly, the things described above and other frauds are at the criminal level. As far as the criminal level is concerned, the one who is supposed to investigate the things is the police or another appropriate authority in certain situations. However, reality shows that the police's handlessness does not allow it to even scratch the surface, and many times the treatment of frauds and crimes of the type described above has actually been privatized and transferred to the care of the victims of the crime. Even in situations where the police have the ability to allocate personnel to the issue, these are police officers and investigators who are overworked, who cannot use the full means at their disposal.


Reality shows that in many cases it is the victims who have to fend for themselves, bring the evidence and receive what they rightfully deserve. A private investigator is often the best way to do this. 

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