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wife investigations

Marriages between spouses often begin with an exciting and wonderful promise to love each other until the end of days. However, and unfortunately, sometimes promises are separate and realities are separate. Life experience shows that not infrequently the love between the couple fades, and with it the commitment to marital exclusivity. One of the most common invitations among private investigators is an invitation by one of the spouses to follow up on the marital relationship of the other spouse, in order to find out whether he has indeed remained faithful to the marriage, or whether he is cheating behind his back.


One can of course understand the desire to know. A woman who suspects that her husband is cheating on her, or a man who suspects that his wife is cheating on him, will find it difficult to be in the marriage one hundred percent. In addition, in most of the times when it turned out that there were actual infidelities, the spouse ordering the surveillance and investigation found all kinds of clues to this that aroused his suspicion ahead of time, and he was simply looking for the final Gushpanka, which would prove to him what he probably already knows inside. 


Suspicious signs in the partner

For the most part, partners who are not faithful to their partners follow similar patterns. In most of them it is possible to detect a certain decrease in libido and empathy for their "main" partner. You can recognize a certain aloofness in them, as well as an aggressive defensiveness when they are asked about it (what is nowadays called "gaslighting"). Anxiety can often be detected around the topic of the mobile phone and the privacy of the partner on the subject. Also, there are particularly suspicious signs, such as sleeping outside the house, arriving unreasonably late (usually with not-the-most-convincing explanations) and more. 

The importance of investigating marriage

Proof of infidelity on the part of the spouse may be very relevant in the case of a divorce dispute. First, the proof of infidelity is a catalyst for divorce, in the event that one of the spouses still has doubts regarding the marital dilemma. Beyond that, adultery during marriage may entail many legal implications. For example, a woman who cheats on her husband may lose her alimony (spousal alimony, not child alimony) as well as her address. Sometimes she may even lose part of the joint property. However, it should be noted that even a man who cheats on his wife may suffer financial consequences; For example, he may be liable in a tort claim filed around the divorce application. Also, the man's infidelity can be significant when it comes to the obligation to grant a divorce and the prevention of divorce.

Proof of treason in court

As lawyers well know, there is a difference between what you know, and what you can prove. Sometimes there are interests that conflict with the desire to investigate the truth in court, such as the right to privacy or the right to goodwill, and to protect those interests, not all evidence is admissible in court. To this end, a private investigator must work in a legal and professional manner when collecting the evidence in the task of investigating a marriage, because if he does not do so, his evidence will not be admissible.


An example of this is for example bringing a photograph documenting the betrayal. According to privacy protection laws, as long as it is in the public domain (a public place), a private investigator is allowed to photograph more or less who and what he wants. On the other hand, it is not possible to install a camera in the individual's possession in order to document infidelity. However, it is sometimes possible to obtain legal and admissible evidence of infidelity even with the individual's permission, for example by (legal) impersonation that allows entry into a house or a private place, thus obtaining evidence of the spouse's infidelity.  


It should be noted that usually, bringing evidence of treason on the part of an experienced private investigator usually does not involve special complications. Normative stalkers are inexperienced in identifying stalking or suspicious signs, and are unlikely to know they have ever been followed unless they are presented with evidence of it. I want to say, if there is a thought about ordering a marriage investigation by a private investigator, perhaps to negate the suspicion of infidelity, and there is a fear that the investigation will be discovered by the other spouse, most likely the matter will be kept under control.

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