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About the GSI Investigations Office

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Our office provides private investigation services to all sectors, private and business alike. We specialize in the field of private investigations and do so with complete discretion.

Employees licensed by the Ministry of Justice. The private investigations are carried out by the best private investigators in Israel and have extensive experience in the field of investigations and intelligence.

We specialize in economic investigations including financial investigations  And embezzlement, industrial espionage investigations. Business and private intelligence investigations, and criminal activities.

Our office works with the best private investigators, all of whom are from the IDF and police intelligence and surveillance units and have extensive field experience.

All private investigators hold legal privileges and may carry out intelligence surveillance.

[ Gathering information / Investigating treason / Finding people / Personal security ]

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Captured footage is the most crucial evidence you can obtain.

By installing cameras in your business, you can ensure that, if necessary, you will have access to the captured footage.

[ Gathering information / Investigating treason / Finding people / Personal security ]

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Order a quick and efficient polygraph test that can contribute to your credibility in court. While a polygraph test is not admissible as evidence in a court of law, it can indeed enhance your credibility in court and in the public discourse.

Polygraph tests are also conducted by intelligence units of the police and military, either as part of candidate screening or as part of the security classification process.

Rapid and Efficient Polygraph Testing

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Establishing a Business with a New Partner or Introducing a New Partner to the Business can raise significant concerns about the individual standing before you. Conducting a background check before bringing a partner into the business is a crucial process to ensure peace of mind and minimize the risk of deception or fraud.

Employee background checks, especially for individuals who will handle classified materials, are regularly performed by classified industries.

[ Gathering information / Investigating treason / Finding people / Personal security ]

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