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Background Investigation

Investigations in the business-economic field

Have you built a business and are thinking of bringing in a partner?

Manage a financial organization and need to check the integrity and integrity of an employee in the screening processes for your job.

In background investigations, our skilled investigators assist in gathering discreet and legal information, about individuals, organizations and companies

Our researchers, with the help of their toolbox will examine general information, criminal history, economic information, conflicts of interest, economic obligations and standard of living.

The results of the investigation will give you the opportunity to carry out a decision-making process based on facts and peace of mind and thus may also avoid financial losses, thefts and embezzlement, and personal injury.
Since it is not always possible to trust others to tell us the truth we are here to help you. Everything to find we are for you.

What all our clients who use financial investigation services have in common is the suspicion that money or property is being hidden from them.

The applicants are individuals, insurance companies, government offices and businesses that owe them money.
Sometimes the need for an economic investigation also arises from an existing investigation.

In an economic investigation, we collect for our client any data related to the economic conduct of an individual or business. 

What can be found in a financial investigation? For companies that wish to know the financial activity of a competing company (profits, acquisitions and mergers, financial investments, etc., the existence of debts in monitoring a debtor, we will discover assets registered in his name, bank accounts and property, pensions and provident funds. Any information that will lead to transparency in his financial situation and his ability to pay debts.

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