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Polygraph and truth machine

Polygraph tests are performed in cases where the purpose of the test is whether the person being tested is telling the truth or a lie.

The need for polygraph tests arises when there is  Need to verify versions with multiple respondents. For background checks on potential employees prior to employment in a workplace of a sensitive nature; Security classification, integrity check before employment in a financial establishment, criminal records, detection of weaknesses (sale of information) to employees of high-tech companies.

When our customers need a deeper distinction between falsehood and truth and the establishment of trust.

When a deeper understanding is required in the investigation, and in investigations that the scope of the evidence is circumstantial / insufficient, and the polygraph examination may tip the scales to the innocence of the interrogee.

JSA Private Investigations works in full collaboration with the Michelson Polygraph Institute, one of the most advanced polygraph institutes in the field.

The Michelson Polygraph Institute was established by Diana Michelson, a graduate of the National Security and Investigation Unit, with an academic degree in criminology and political science from Bar-Ilan University.

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