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Locating and exposing surveillance

One of the main reasons for hiring a private investigator is his skills and experience in conducting surveillance.

The term surveillance refers to close-up observation of an individual or group, in order to observe their actions for the purpose of knowing the daily routine of the subject of the investigation and gathering evidence.

Tracking is not an easy task. The follower must know how to assimilate into the target audience, which varies according to the nature of the investigation and where to be, what to look at and what to check. This knowledge requires years of field experience in order to conduct effective and practical monitoring, in order to find evidence and information in a relatively short time.

Surveillance is a means of gathering evidence in the various investigations. Since not every follow-up is legal, it is important to use a licensed and knowledgeable private investigator to

meet the appropriate conditions for performing the follow-up.

All of our investigators are licensed by the Department of Justice  Perform surveillance

and with years of experience.

Physical surveillance is carried out in investigations in the field of marriage, insurance companies, the criminal field and fraud.

Electronic surveillance is performed by installing cameras and / or recording equipment.

Exposing Surveillance - Do You Suspect Being Followed?

If you   suspect that you are under surveillance, that you are the subject of an investigation or maybe you have installed eavesdropping equipment in your home or office?

You are probably right.

Contact us and we will perform an inspection in your home or office   to locate hidden cameras or microphones.

We will also accompany you during your day, in your agenda, assimilate into your environment and help you find out if you are under surveillance!

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