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About the GSI Investigations Office

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CEO and Founder: Gili Shaltiel - a leading researcher with a reputation in Israel and abroad and a member of the Bureau of Private Investigators in Israel.  

[License of the Office of Private Investigations No. 1281412]


GSI Private Investigations is an investigation firm that specializes in all types of private investigations and information gathering

We conduct investigations in various areas such as marriage, industrial espionage, institutional investigations, assisting insurance companies, counter-detection.

The core values that guide our firm are reliability, professionalism and discretion, and our firm employs a team of licensed and certified researchers only, who combine advanced tracking technologies with creativity and daring in physical surveillance.

We understand the desire to have certainty about the situation and because of our experience we urge you to work in a way that will significantly increase your chances of success in the follow-up procedures, by working with qualified and experienced researchers. We are in G. ace. At Private Investigations we will work to provide you with professional and clear results that are not ambiguous.

From our experience: if there is something to find, we will find it.


Our clients include companies, private clients and lawyers. We work sensitively, efficiently and quickly

By law, all information obtained during an investigation or surveillance is by definition confidential material that is transferred to the client at the end of the investigation, similar to attorney-client confidentiality: discretion is a supreme value.

The findings and evidence that are collected, legally, are presented as reports and can be used by you in legal courts.

The services we offer include surveillance including tracking checks, marriage investigations and youth surveillance, financial investigations, rental/sale of surveillance equipment, background investigations, and polygraph tests.

If you encounter a problem, difficulty or suspicion, do not hesitate.

Schedule a consultation and together we will reach the truth.

Sincerely, Gil, CEO of G.S.A. Private Investigations

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